Modernisierung der Fahrzeugflotte für Dortmund HeiterBlick Zeitschrift - Der Kleiber  üstra-TW3000: Start der 3.Serie  Rheinbahn AG - Neue Ticketautomaten für NF6-Fahrzeuge

New vehicles and modernization of the vehicle fleet for Dortmund

The Dortmunder Stadtwerke AG – DSW21 renew their existing stock of vehicles by building 24+2 (6-axle) high-floor city railcars and appointing the modernization of 64 existing B80C high-floor city railcars (43 6-axle and 21 8-axle) to HeiterBlick. These are standard gauge light rail vehicles for...

üstra-TW3000: Start of the 3rd series

In May 2017 üstra used its second contractual option for a third delivery lot for a further 46 TW3000 light rail vehicles and thus HeiterBlick was contracted to manufacture and assembly these vehicles. The current order volume totals 146 vehicles which are scheduled to be put into service by the...

Rheinbahn AG: New ticket vending machines for NF6 vehicles

The Rheinbahn AG in Düsseldorf upgrade their tram fleet with new ticket vending machines. The new machines provide more functionality for the passengers, they also accept banknotes, EC and credit cards.

HeiterBlick was contracted to supply racks to which the new ticket vending machinesof the NF6...

For Quality of Ride.

Do you want to make your city stand out, and incorporate new LRVs into your urban identity? Then HeiterBlick is exactly the right company for you. As a medium-sized specialist supplier we seek to combine innovative design with functionality and elegance while giving attention to detail and the right cost/performance ratio. Keeping our customers satisfied is what we are all about.

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If your rolling stock has seen better days or is of historic interest we are just as keen to upgrade your fleet and thus extend its service life in many ways. This will save costs and make the ride safer and more comfortable for your passengers. To back up this claim we can give you details of earlier projects.

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Together from the idea to the customised solution.

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Like the nuthatch, which can run head first down a tree, we too take unusual steps if this is what is required to meet the needs of our customers. We will find a customised technical solution for almost any problem. The proven bogie technology of our vehicles is extremely robust and also copes with very demanding routes.

For the operator this means low maintenance costs and cost-effective operation. For the passenger it means the highest possible comfort and impressive design, with utmost importance attached to innovative and stylish design which combines function and elegance.

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