For the vehicles delivered by us, we guarantee agreed parameters and work, fault-free function and a quality product. Our customer service is available and ready around the clock to prevent longer downtimes.

We do not deliver or hand over a vehicle without appropriate training measures. Firstly, the future drivers of the vehicles are naturally given training. We familiarise them with all of the operating and control elements of the vehicle and show them how to use them. They are also given an introduction to maintenance and troubleshooting. However, the main focus of the training is on providing detailed instruction to the maintenance personnel. Based on a training plan, it covers both basic theoretical knowledge of maintenance and practical exercises. At the end of the training there is always an extensive test and an attendance certificate is awarded.

Supply of replacement parts and inspection
In order to provide local transport operators with the best possible support, HeiterBlick has an extensive range of replacement parts whose reliability has been proven in daily rail operation. They are produced both in-house and by third-party manufacturers. We seek to provide components of the highest quality and select the specific spare part that is right for you. We have worked for many years with established suppliers such as GHH, Hanning & Kahl, Knorr-JFE, Lakowa, Thyssen-Krupp, VEM and Voith.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Reliable components
  • Large selection
  • Everything from one source

Any vehicle is only as good as its parts. When in everyday use these must be robust and have a long service-life. As well as developing and manufacturing complete new vehicles, HeiterBlick has considerable expertise in the development and manufacture of related components and gathered a wealth of know-how in the course of new-build and upgrading projects. Whatever the manufacturer, we can supply bogies and coach bodies developed, engineered and produced on our premises as part of upgrading projects for your LRVs. These will require little servicing or maintenance. Naturally, our scope of delivery includes all related spare parts and servicing for all of your fleet. Components and parts supplied are invariably of good craftsmanship and finished to high standards.

HeiterBlick bogies are state-of-the-art, made to high quality standards on our premises and custom-fitted for specific applications. The gauges available are standard, one-metre or broad. All bogies have wheel-to-wheel, conventional axles and two spring stages, thus making the ride more comfortable for the driver and passengers alike. For our projects we select components which have stood the test in rail operation and are inexpensive to maintain and best suited for the intended use in high or low-floor vehicles. HeiterBlick’s maintenance-friendly bogies are particularly robust and designed to cope even with challenging infrastructures. We supply both motor and trailer bogies.


  • robust: our bogies suit any existing rail infrastructure
  • comfortable: good suspension and excellent driving characteristics
  • economical: high quality, low manufacturing and maintenance costs
  • practical: low operating and servicing costs; easy to maintain

HeiterBlick's railcar bodies are specially designed and manufactured for each project. Made to high standards of workmanship and produced in lightweight welded steel, they are particularly torsion-resistant, with very good running characteristics and low noise emissions. For local public transport they should be robust, easy to repair and have a long service life to cut operating and maintenance costs.

We don’t just use these coach bodies for our own vehicles, such as the LeoLiners in Leipzig and Halberstadt, the Vamos Bielefeld and the TW 3000 in Hanover. We also develop and manufacture body shells to order and can adapt and upgrade cars that are built largely of wood, as in the case of the Pöstling mountain railway in Linz, Austria.

When we built a replica panoramic train for the rack railway along Lake Geneva between Montreux and Glion in Switzerland, known as the ‘Marmot Line’, HeiterBlick supplied welded body shells. Each car consisted of two bodies, each about ten metres long, with corrugated metal paneling. Finishing took place in the customer's own workshop.

  • Welding work
  • Commissioning work in HU activities
  • Tests and measurements relevant for approval
  • Technical retrofitting or optimisations (small modernisation)
  • Support with installation of electrical components and E installation
  • Supporting services with workshop equipment (temporary axle-trees, booms for buffalo lifters (lifting technology))
  • Additional equipment for maintenance and repair
  • Maintenance and repair work in accordance with customer specifications on Bogie frames
  • Pressure tests and adjustments on bogies (download data sheet)

Testing technology:
One of our main tasks is the commissioning and function testing of system components and complete vehicles in accordance with EN 50215. For this purpose we have as a manufacturer designed and constructed tools (testing technology) for the tests. This testing technology has been developed, produced and approved specifically to meet the needs of the customer. It is used mainly in the area of maintenance and repair. As a result it is possible to optimise tests in ongoing workshop operations, improve efficiency and prevent sources of error. Our testing technology has a modular design and can be extended at any time at low cost.

Accident damage or Damages:
HeiterBlick also provides support with intensive, expert advice and years of experience in cases of accident damage and damage from ongoing operations.

It works as follows:

  • Recording of damage
  • Deduction from measurement and test runs and their analysis
  • Development of the solution
  • Creation of model and verification (calculation and / or another measurement and test run)
  • Preparation of any necessary documentation for technical supervisory authorities
  • Procurement of material for fleet refit and implementation in the vehicle fleet