NGTG – attractive design, prepared for the future

The NGTG is a three-section, low-floor, uni-directional vehicle with a length of 30 metres and a width of 2.3 metres. The NGTG is an "L" length vehicle from the joint procurement of trams by the three transport companies from Leipzig, Zwickau and Görlitz. Like the NGT12+ (Leipzig) and the NGTZ (Zwickau), the Görlitz vehicle is based on the joint platform, which is being designed specifically for the city on the river Neisse in some aspects: for example, in the exterior finish, the colour design of the interior and in technical components that take into account the different infrastructure of the city, as well as the length and vehicle width.

The tender jointly launched by the three transport companies under the project name "Saxon Platform – Tram of the Future" offers many advantages in technical and economic terms through the use of synergies: from vehicle approval to spare parts procurement and with a view to future technological developments, such as alternative drives and driver assistance systems. The order for Görlitz includes eight vehicles in Lot 1. Optionally, six more vehicles are planned, one of which will have a hydrogen-powered fuel cell as a drive unit - one of the major innovations to be implemented in the joint project.

The new "L trams" for Görlitz will be low-floor vehicles – barrier-free, with powerful WLAN and enlarged multifunctional areas, the NGTG aims to make travelling as pleasant as possible for passengers and drivers in the future. In addition, the vehicle will record the occupancy level itself and communicate it to the waiting passengers at the stop via a display on the outside – a big step in terms of accessibility for all passengers who depend on the low-floor boarding and multifunctional area. With regard to safety, modern assistance systems will be used in all trains and an optimised driver's workplace will be installed.


  • total number of seats in the vehicle: approx. 176 (60 seats and 116 standing places)
  • high low-floor proportion (> 65%)
  • generous multifunctional area with a width of approx. 2.4m
  • air conditioning in the entire vehicle
  • occupancy level display for multifunctional areas on the outside of the doors
  • improved arrangement of infotainment systems for optimised visibility
  • advanced driver assistance systems for increased safety
  • optimised driver's workplace

Picture credits: Leipziger Gruppe (Exterior) and HeiterBlick (Interior)