A contribution to electromobility


Trams have been around now for more than 130 years; they are the epitome of electromobility in urban transport. LRVs made by HeiterBlick combine robust bogies with an elegant design and perfect workmanship. For instance, we use welded light-weight steel bodies and tried-and-tested components from major suppliers.

Individual concepts have been developed to meet your specifications and find custom-made solutions for low and high-floor vehicles with six to twelve axles and widths from 2.15 to 2.65 metres. HeiterBlick vehicles are environment-friendly and save energy as in regenerative braking where the energy released is fed back into the grid. Alternatively, integral storage devices may be used to power the vehicle directly. Energy consumption is reduced even further by an intelligent energy management system.

HeiterBlick recognises the importance of esthetic design, which has now become an important factor even in utility vehicles. The number of passengers using local public transport has been rising for years, with operators wishing to make their LRVs stand out from the crowd and adopting more high-quality standards of design, functionality and workmanship from the car industry. Consistent looks create a sense of identity, have a major impact on the cityscape and promote passenger acceptance, all of which matters to transport operators and patrons alike.

Our vehicles have excellent driving characteristics and offer a high level of passenger comfort. They are robust, and easy to service and maintain. HeiterBlick’s LRVs make no special demands on track construction or track guidance and easily fit into the existing infrastructure.