High-floor vehicles

HeiterBlick makes a range of high-floor vehicles which is perfect for public transport operators with high-level platforms because vehicles can be boarded at platform level.

These vehicles have excellent driving characteristics due to underfloor components which provide a low center of gravity.

Low-floor vehicles

HeiterBlick’s low-floor vehicles are ideal for local transport operators with a low-floor infrastructure designed to make boarding easy for passengers. A high proportion of low-floor space and conventional bogie technology using ‘true’ wheel-to-wheel axles for wheelsets provide a high standard of passenger comfort and excellent travel. A generous floor plan makes it easier to move between low and high-floor areas. High-floor areas can even be omitted from the design altogether.

As we cater for different gauges, our vehicles will fit your existing rails perfectly. Low axle loads are possible if required. HeiterBlick’s welded coach bodies are very easy to repair.

Special-purpose vehicles

These customized designs manufactured in Leipzig feature different gauge sizes, motor outputs and speeds for the intended use. Electric traction or advanced hydrostatic drive units are optional. The color scheme and look of the vehicles can of course be adapted to customer requirements. Special customized designs can also be produced as part of small-scale or one-off projects.