CFW 350 JRE jib carrier

A made-to-measure jib carrier

The powerful CFW 350 JRE was developed for the East Japan Railway Company entirely to customer specifications as part of a package which included railway cranes. The multi-functional jib carrier tows railway cranes required for track-laying to where they are needed. This saves transit time and protects the crane's systems. While in transit the vehicles also carry the counterweight of the crane, thus reducing axle loads.

As a special feature, there is communication between the crane and jib carrier in transit, allowing the vehicle to be driven from both the cabin of the crane and the jib carrier. The operator can view the status of the other unit from an easily readable display. Since the driver’s cab of the jib carrier should always lead in the direction of travel, a special engineering solution has been found in which the traveling gear and superstructure are connected to a bogie so that the complete superstructure and cabin can rotate through 180°. This makes expensive, time-consuming shunting a thing of the past.