Vamos Bielefeld – personality and excellent design

The design challenge for this roomy, high-floor tram with three cars totalling 34 metres in length was to make it serve the existing platforms in Bielefeld once built for 2.3 metre wide LRVs, and yet carry more people.

The solution was a bulging contour which widens to 2.65 m above platform height, allowing the spacious vehicles to accommodate up to 230 passengers and leaving lots of space for prams, wheelchairs and bicycles in four large multi-purpose zones.

The color code is asymmetrical and in keeping with the corporate design of the operator, moBiel. Passengers enter through five double doors on each side, three of which have folding steps for saving time in boarding and disembarkation.

The interior has clear-cut features with specially designed seat covers and colored hand-grips to maintain customer awareness. Three rows of LED lights provide uniform illumination. Large information panels and displays are located in the ceiling and doorways.

Passenger comfort is ensured by energy-saving temperature control and large panoramic windows providing a good view of the outside world.

Thanks to its high energy efficiency, the Vamos Bielefeld is very environment-friendly. Modern electronic systems with energy recovery help save power.

One hundred percent adhesion can be achieved thanks to the all-axle drive of the four motor bogies. At the same time, servicing and maintenance costs are low. It has won the iF Product Design Award and been nominated for the German Design Award.


  • individually designed for the user
  • 100 percent adhesion with four high-performance motor bogies
  • perfect for a challenging infrastructure
  • high operating flexibility
  • traction for up to two coupled units
  • bi-directional
  • prize-winning design