Vamos HF – planned flexibility

Designed as a modular low-floor vehicle, all seats inside can be accessed without having to negotiate any steps whatsoever. Here extraordinary design combines with functionality and elegance. The vehicle is 2.65 metres wide and from 25 to 37.5 metres long. Depending on its length, the Vamos HF comes as either a two-car or a three-car articulated version. A high level of comfort is achieved by combining our tried-and-tested bogie technology with an ultra-modern, energy-efficient air conditioning system. The spacious sections with their multi-purpose zones and four or five double doors per side are extremely passenger-friendly and have an impressive, clear-cut design.

The railcar bodies are designed to make the Vamos HF narrower toward its base, enabling wider vehicles to be used on existing networks with no need to rebuild platforms. This means that higher passenger volumes can be handled. Steps have been installed so that low platforms can also be served.

Operating and servicing costs are low, as ease of maintenance is a top priority. All-axle drive can give up to 100 percent adhesion, enabling operation also in difficult terrain. Up to four units can be coupled together.


  • flexible length and width
  • 100 percent high-floor area with 100 percent level floor
  • spacious multi-purpose zones
  • high degree of flexibility in operation
  • tried-and-tested bogie technology with wheel-to-wheel axles
  • up to 100 percent adhesion
  • available as a single or bi-directional vehicle
  • traction for up to four coupled units