Vamos Dortmund – attractive and modern vehicles

The Dortmunder Stadtwerke AG – DSW21 renew their existing stock of vehicles by building 24+2 (6-axle) high-floor city railcars and appointing the modernization of 64 existing B80C high-floor city railcars (43 6-axle and 21 8-axle) to HeiterBlick. These are standard gauge light rail vehicles for bidirectional operation.

The declared aim of HeiterBlick is to supply attractive, modern and reliable vehicles that are tailored to the requirements and ideas of our customers and provide a very high recognition value amongst their passengers for "their" vehicles. A special feature is the great correspondence between the modernised vehicles and the six-axle new vehicles.

Maximum comfort is offered to crew and passengers. Special attention is paid to accessibility for passengers with limited mobility. Starting with the new vehicles, passenger service will begin in the period 2021... 2028.

In addition to contracting HeiterBlick with the mechanical part of the vehicles, DSW21 also contracted Kiepe Electric GmbH for the electrical part. Final assembly of the vehicles takes place at the HeiterBlick factory in Leipzig.


  • individual design in harmony with the existing fleet
  • bi-directional vehicle
  • modern double doors
  • passenger-friendly and modern interior 
  • effective ventilation of passenger areas of heat-insulated car body
  • spacious carriages with generous floor area
  • barrier-free
  • high seating comfort for passengers and driver