GT-F – state-of-the-art and barrier-free

The GT-F from HeiterBlick – The vehicles are 5-section, low-floor, uni-directional vehicles with a modular design; tailor-made to score the special requirements of a challenging infrastructure with steep sections and a track gauge of 1,000 mm. The first vehicles in this series will be used in Würzburg.

The vehicles, which are 36 m (or alternatively 42m) long and 2.40 m wide, are innovative, modern and designed with their use in mind. A bright and friendly interior is combined with high ride comfort and functionality.

The air-conditioned interiors are tailored to score the special needs of mobility-impaired passengers and passengers with prams and bicycles. There are two special-use areas with space for in total 4 wheelchairs in the end modules, which are easily accessible through the wide double doors.


  • individual and customer-specific design
  • uni-directional vehicle
  • wide double doors
  • high ride comfort with temperature control for passenger area
  • bright and friendly interior
  • state-of-the-art and barrier-free
  • Generous multi-function areas with space for four wheelchairs