Retrofit References

As well as building new vehicles, HeiterBlick can also refurbish (retrofit) fleet vehicles as required by upgrading components. We also sell body shells.

Our high-quality components such as bogies and coach bodies fit perfectly into any other manufacturing processes that may be required so that line operation may resume quickly. We have completed many such upgrading projects in recent years.

One example is the Pöstling mountain railway in Linz, Austria, which is considered one of the world's steepest long-distance adhesion railways.

Or the replica panoramic motor car for the rack railway along Lake Geneva in Switzerland between Montreux and Glion known as the ‘Marmot Line’. We supplied 36 new motor bogies with a 1,009 mm gauge to a transport company in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia, allowing 18 Tatra T8M vehicles to be upgraded.

We would be glad to help with your own upgrading projects and give you all the information you need about our extensive range of goods and services.