Reduce energy costs?
Our trains show the way.

The new B-car from HeiterBlick for the Dortmund transport company DSW21 shows the way: The first of 24 new vehicles passed its climate test in July 2022 - with top marks! In future, DSW21 will reduce the installed heating capacity by 70% and the electricity consumption of the entire fleet by 12.5%.

In 2018, HeiterBlick received the order to deliver 24 new light rail vehicles and 64 identical modernisations of existing vehicles to Dortmund and has now sent the first new vehicle to Vienna for testing in the climate channel. Here the B-car impressed and even exceeded all formulated requirements: "The heating power can be reduced from 100 kW in the current cars to only 27 kW in the new ones - without the passengers having to freeze because of this. This is good news in the fight against climate change. Good news also in view of the tense situation on the energy markets and the massively rising costs," DSW21 announced happily about the result on its homepage in July.

It is the precisely balanced interplay between double glazing, insulation that is unique in tram construction, the calculated weather and wind conditions, the measured thermal bridges and the vehicle weight that makes this result possible. In the first quarter of 2023, the vehicle will be put into operation in Dortmund, followed by another B-car each month.
By using the new vehicles from HeiterBlick, the Dortmund transport company claims a saving of around 4.8 million kilowatt hours per year, which corresponds to the consumption of 1,000 four-person households and means a saving in the millions for DSW21.

Read more about the new energy-saving foxes from HeiterBlick for the Dortmund transport company here:

Photos: DSW21