A political exchange in the workshops of HeiterBlick GmbH

Photo: © Vera Näser

High-ranking visitor at HeiterBlick GmbH: On 21 April, the parliamentary manager of the FDP-Bundestagsfraktion and state treasurer of the FDP Saxony, Torsten Herbst, met with Samuel Kermelk, managing director of HeiterBlick GmbH, at the factory premises of the light rail and tramway producers in Leipzig. Samuel Kermelk guided Torsten Herbst through the factory halls and gave an insight into the production of customised trams, such as currently for Bielefeld and Dortmund.
Of course, a tour of the factory architecture including the Niemeyer Sphere was not to be missed. Current topics such as energy policy and the effects of the Corona pandemic were on the agenda.

The member of the Bundestag Torsten Herbst acknowledged HeiterBlick's contribution to the regional economic power, its individuality in manufacturing paired with innovation dynamics, but also for its commitment to recruiting young people and skilled workers. It is above all the industrial SMEs that deserve more attention, he emphasised.
As a convinced fan of hydrogen drives, he was particularly enthusiastic about the concept for Europe's first hydrogen tram. All in all, many ideas emerged during the discussion that he can take back to political Berlin.