The Vamos 95 – step-free access to your seat

In this innovative, pram and wheelchair-friendly low-floor vehicle, you can access 95 percent of the seats without steps thanks to spacious low-floor areas with large storage zones in the end sections. The sections at either end run on space-saving small-wheel bogies and have wide doors. Double doors ensure a good passenger flow und short dwell times at stops.

The center carriage of the three-car vehicle runs on two motor bogies and has an elevated seating area which can be reached easily and without steps from the end carriages. Passengers boarding there will enter a low-floor multi-purpose zone from where a single step leads to the seating area.

The three-car 30-metre long vehicle has an attractive design which can be individualised, and is available in widths from 2.3 to 2.65 metres as a single or bi-directional vehicle with an advanced compact drive unit.


  • step-free access to 95 percent of the passenger area
  • spacious multi-purpose zone in the center section
  • available as a single or bi-directional vehicle
  • advanced compact drive unit