We are looking for personnel reinforcement!

We are looking for reinforcement: in construction, production, project planning, documentation and in the warehouse - from trainees, newcomers and experienced professionals to those in charge. 

HeiterBlick GmbH is a manufacturer of customised light rail vehicles and trams. Sustainable mobility is becoming more and more important, the development and new construction of rail vehicles and their components are increasingly in demand. And we are growing with it. In the cities of Hanover, Bielefeld, Leipzig, Halberstadt and soon Dortmund and Würzburg, HeiterBlick GmbH light rail vehicles and trams are already making their mark on the cityscape.

We are a medium-sized, family-owned company. That brings many advantages. Long-term thinking, short reaction times and efficient processes are just three of them. HeiterBlick was founded 100 years ago in the Leipzig district of the same name as the main workshop of the public transport company. Today, the main company headquarters is in the west of Leipzig, where all together they put the most modern light rail vehicles and trams on the tracks.

As a specialist provider, we attach great importance to innovative design that combines function with elegance.We have an eye for detail, in our manufactory production with the highest quality standards, craftsmanship is written in capital letters.
Craftsmanship, engineering and planning work closely together here - become part of the team!

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