The „Silberpfeil“ for Hannover has been presented

The members of the Excecutive Board of üstra: André Neiß (right) and Wilhelm Lindberg (left) at the 1:1-model

Rendering of the TW 3000 (general view)

A view in the noble interior room of the new rail vehicle “Silberpfeil”

An innovative concept with coloured light in yellow, blue and green for the interior lightening

Hannover is looking forward to the new city rail vehicle TW 3000, named „Silberpfeil“. All carriage construction services, from the bodyshell up to the complete interior trim, are generated in cooperation with the syndicate Vossloh Kiepe/Alstom at the site of HeiterBlick in Leipzig. The 1:1-model of the new vehicle generation has been presented to the Executive Board of üstra Hannoversche Verkehrsbetriebe AG at the end of January. 

The necessary improvements of the “Silberpfeil” are an exterior color scheme in green, silver and black with elevated windows, light stripes over the doors and a vehicle head with an included impact protection. Furthermore, an innovative concept with coloured light, longitudinal and transverse seats for the passengers as well as a driver’s seat with a memory function are especially designed for the interior room to reach a high comfort level.