The next generation of light-rail vehicles will start autumn be running on Bielefeld’s rail network

Rainer Tietz (HeiterBlick), Wolfgang Brinkmann (moBiel) and Bernd Flaskamp (Vossloh Kiepe) in the new Vamos.

The Bielefeld transport company moBiel will today unveil the first vehicle of the new Vamos city trains, a total of 16 of which have been ordered and an option agreed on a further 25, in a festive ceremony. The spacious three-part high-floor LRVs are 34 metres long, making them about seven metres longer than the present LRVs. The challenge consisted in constructing a vehicle that will continue to serve platforms designed up to now for 2.30-metre-wide trains and at the same time convey more passengers. As a solution, HeiterBlick developed a vehicle with a bulbous form that only becomes 2.65 metres wide above platform level and can carry about 230 people.