New outfit for Vamos Bielefeld

With the award of the option contract (a further 23 trams for the Bielefeld-based transport company moBiel GmbH) in December 2017, we designed the ex- and interior areas according to the customer's wishes in an optimization phase. Thus, for example, only 6 vehicles will receive so-called lift-swivel steps, which will be replaced from vehicle 7 onwards by a newly designed adapter solution individually coordinated with the customer.

After acceptance of the first three painted vehicle bodies by the customer in March of this year, production of the optional vehicles could begin in April. Further painted bodies, which arrive monthly in cycles at our HeiterBlick plant in Leipzig, are now assembled, completed and tested at our production facility.

The aim is to deliver the first vehicle from the option order to the operator moBiel in Bielefeld as early as December of this year, so that it can be put into passenger service in the first quarter of 2021. The delivery of further vehicles is planned in 2021 (15 units) and 2022 (7 units).