New Low-floor vehicles for Würzburg

Würzburger Straßenbahn GmbH - WSB commissioned HeiterBlick in December 2019 to manufacture and supply 18 new vehicles. The GT-F from HeiterBlick – The vehicles are 5-section, low-floor, uni-directional vehicles with a modular design; tailor-made to score the special requirements of a challenging infrastructure with steep sections and a track gauge of 1,000 mm. The first vehicles in this series will be used in Würzburg.

The vehicles, which are 36 m (or alternatively 42m) long and 2.40 m wide, are innovative, modern and designed with their use in mind. A bright and friendly interior is combined with high ride comfort and functionality.

The air-conditioned interiors are tailored to score  the special needs of mobility-impaired passengers and passengers with prams and bicycles. There are two special-use areas with space for in total 4 wheelchairs in the end modules, which are easily accessible through the wide double doors.

The vehicles will be manufactured at HeiterBlick plant in Leipzig and will start their passenger service from 2022.