moBiel GmbH: Use of option for another 24 Vamos vehicles for Bielefeld

The Bielefelder Stadtwerke subsidiary moBiel GmbH used its contractual option with the Kiepe Electric - Heiterblick consortium in late December 2017. In total, 24 spacious Vamos GTZ8-B high-floor light rail vehicles are produced for moBiel GmbH. The delivery of the light rail vehicles will start in 2020. They will replace the M8C vehicles from the 1980s and offer, in addition to modern technology and travel comfort, a significantly higher transport capacity with up to 230 passengers.

The approximately 34-metre long three-section bi-directional vehicles are equipped with four motor bogies, doors with foldable steps, air conditioning of the driver's cabin and passenger compartment and a highly advanced passenger information system.

The If Design Award, which was conferred in 2012, not only honoured the quality of the design, but also the degree of innovation, functionality, ergonomics and safety of Vamos. The special feature of the Vamos light rail system is its bulbous shape: only above the edge of the platform they change to a width of 2.65 metres. The platforms in Bielefeld, which are designed for 2.30 metre wide light rail vehicles, can thus continue to be used.