Jubilee train - The 153rd TW 3000 for ÜSTRA

One of the largest orders in the field of light rail and tram systems and, above all, the largest ever in the history of HeiterBlick has been successfully completed. On the 30th of June 2020, the 153rd vehicle was on its way to Hanover, where it is still undergoing dynamic commissioning and will be handed over to the passenger service of the customer ÜSTRA at the end of July 2020.

The Hanover-project started in 2011 with a first delivery batch of 50pc. of two-part vehicles on behalf of the consortium leader Kiepe Electric GmbH (former Vossloh Kiepe). During the development of the vehicles, the customer's exact requirements in technology and design were taken into account. With the handover of the first vehicle Üstra placed the order for another 50 vehicles and in the later course of the project also all other options of the tender. Right from the start, vehicle assembly at HeiterBlick was designed for a production cycle of up to 40 vehicles per year. Our high production quality was confirmed by the customer's vehicle acceptance tests and the satisfaction of his passengers.