50th tram for Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe LVB

Ulf Middelberg and Ronald Juhrs, both CEO of LVB, and Ludwig Koehne, owner of HeiterBlick, dedicating the 50th LeoLiner to Leipzig’s district Heiterblick (photo: J. Karkuschke).

The LeoLiner by Heiterblick shapes the Leipzig city streetscape. The first prototype was developed in 2003; series manufacture began in 2005 and ended in May 2011 with the delivery of the 50th vehicle. Today, this occasion was celebrated with an official ceremony. The robust vehicles have proved their worth extraordinarily in daily LVB service. The two-part articulated vehicle is 22.5 metres long. And a double traction with two vehicles also copes well with high passenger volumes, e.g. during the rush hour.