To date, 32 light rail vehicles have already been delivered to and accepted by the Hanover transport authority üstra. By the end of the year a further 10 light rail vehicles are set to be handed over to the customer in operational condition, with up to vehicle 49 in production. In spring 2017 HeiterBlick will complete the first series (50 light rail vehicles). üstra has increased its order to a total of 100 light rail vehicles, with these due to be handed over and ready to use by the end of September 2018.

There are currently up to 27 light rail vehicles in use on the routes 3 and 7 in Hanover as double or triple-head units. Following static commissioning at the Leipzig plant the vehicles arrive at the depot in Hanover-Leinhausen, where dynamic commissioning and approval-relevant testing are carried out. After successful acceptance the vehicle is assigned to passenger operations and stationed at the Glocksee depot for service and maintenance work.