The Vamos 70 – elegant and made to your requirements

The Vamos 70 is a low-floor articulated vehicle available in lengths from 20 to 50 metres. It can be manufactured in widths of 2.3 to 2.65 metres. The proportion of low-floor space is about 70 percent.

The vehicle uses our tried-and-tested bogies, all of them free-turning with wheel-to-wheel axles for the wheelsets. Designed as motor bogies, they have a proven space-saving hollow-shaft gear and form a modern compact drive unit.

Access to the high-floor from the low-floor area is relatively easy, with just a single step. Seats in the passenger space can be arranged in a number of ways and thus easily adapted to customer requirements.

The multi-car vehicle is attractively laid out, and customers can of course choose individual design features. The Vamos 70 is available as a single or bi-directional vehicle.


  • available in a range of lengths and widths
  • 70 percent low-floor area
  • tried-and-tested bogie technology
  • available as a single or bi-directional vehicle