Lightweight welded steel bodies

HeiterBlick's railcar bodies are specially designed and manufactured for each project. Made to high standards of workmanship and produced in lightweight welded steel, they are particularly torsion-resistant, with very good running characteristics and low noise emissions. For local public transport they should be robust, easy to repair and have a long service life to cut operating and maintenance costs.

We don’t just use these coach bodies for our own vehicles, such as the LeoLiners in Leipzig and Halberstadt, the Vamos Bielefeld and the TW 3000 in Hanover. We also develop and manufacture body shells to order and can adapt and upgrade cars that are built largely of wood, as in the case of the Pöstling mountain railway in Linz, Austria.

When we built a replica panoramic train for the rack railway along Lake Geneva between Montreux and Glion in Switzerland, known as the ‘Marmot Line’, HeiterBlick supplied welded body shells. Each car consisted of two bodies, each about ten metres long, with corrugated metal paneling. Finishing took place in the customer's own workshop.


  • robust
  • long service life
  • especially torsion-resistant
  • high level of passenger comfort
  • simple to repair